Resume & personal statements

Generally speaking, Personal statement and resumes are a considerable difference apart. Corollary to that fact, they are supposed to be addressed separately. Both, personal statement and resume focuses on YOU but clearly have different purposes to achieve. While a Resume focuses and literally lists down your achievements mostly related to your field, or things that will grab the attention of anyone going through it, a personal statement is a continuous writing which gives you a little space of deviating from those achievements and be somewhat extrovert circling around those achievements and strengths only. To put it simply, you wouldn’t probably want to know anything personal on the first short down of the people you want to hire; you will only care about how capable and skilled the person is to perform the particular job effectively. In that case, a personal statement would be irrelevant, to say the least. On the contrary, when you are more interested in knowing how well somebody can describe themselves, or what really sets them apart from many others, to get to know in detail, of the background that supports their strengths and goals, to submit a resume would definitely be a poor choice.


They say, “First impression is the last impression” and in that case, your resume or your personal statement becomes the source of that first impression. This is good news for some, and a terrible one for others. While some are confident with their raw words, others like to use a pen to craft them. Professional writers at SparklesSoft realize how crucial your personal statement could be to your image, and how professional your resume must look. It is in times of troubles and doubt when SparklesSoft can be your guide to help you achieve that good first impression by drafting your resumes and personal statements, setting you apart from the common crowd.