Reality Selling Video Case Problem: Ecolab


If I were in the position of Chris Wylie and find serious health problems in my customer’s kitchen, I would have used the following strategies:

  • Informative: this strategy will be used to inform the client about the possible health hazards in his/her kitchen by examining the problems in kitchen beforehand.
  • Persuasive: the strategy will be used to perused customer to avoid particular health problem in his/her kitchen and use the suggested measure to fix the issue.

These two strategies will be applied using 5 key guidelines:

  • Make need oriented presentation;
  • Get customer involved;
  • Provide him single solution;
  • Create sense of the suggested solution;
  • Provide solution to client using best media

In order to make presentation to customer, I will use multimedia presentation in power-point and will include in my presentation slides all possible aspects of the suggested measure.


While conducting survey in client’s kitchen, objections and their solution include the followings:

  • Customer might be concerned about the privacy of the methods used at his kitchen, thus a confirmation of maintaining secrecy on to the processes used at his kitchen will be provided.
  • Secondly, when providing the solution and to perused client to buy the suggested measure, he might be reluctant on whether the suggested measures will exactly solve the problem; in such situation, he can be convinced using existing case studies in which the similar problem was solved using the same suggested measures.


The seven steps of sales process which Chris Wylie uses in his demonstration are as under:

  1. first of all, he gathers the basic knowledge of the product to customers i.e. the knowledge about the main features of product or service;
  2. in the next step, he looks to find new customers for his product or service;
  3. in third step, he starts building relationships with customers;
  4. in 4th step, he makes need assessment as to why the client should purchase the product or service;
  5. after making needs assessment, Chris makes demonstration to client about his offering focusing on the benefits his product or service offers and not on features of product;
  6. Chris makes his demonstration successful by making a strong close. This is done by looking into the hindrances if the offered product or service is not bought by customers;
  7. Finally, he makes persistence touch with customer in such a way as to win an order rather than becoming bothersome for the customers.


In situations where it becomes difficult for Chris to demonstrate the product or service to client, as for instance in case of intangible services or large products, the following method could be used:

He can take the customer to a place where actually the offered product or services are being used with good results. In this way it would become easy for him to convince customer for his offering.