Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Critical Essay

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Critical Essay

You must already have tried your hand at critical writing and very well be aware of the complexity that such an assignment entails. In this article, critical essay experts at Sparkles Soft Virtual Firm custom assignment service have tried to compile important do’s and don’ts that you need to follow while writing a critical essay.

Don’t Overdo the Critique Element:

The most common mistake that students make is of considering critical essays to be entirely negative all the time. That is, they believe that it is necessary to give negative opinion in a critical essay. This is not true at all since critical reviews and essays require one to critically assess the given literature/movie/music and narrate the positive and negative aspects identified concluding with a convincing overview. All in all, the essay has to be insightful instead of being malicious. Critical basically means being carefully judgmental and analyze the good and bad aspects of the subject at hand. You should not be all positive or negative just discuss the pluses and minuses.

Do Select one of the Three Critical Essay Writing Strategies:

You can choose from three key strategies when writing a critical essay. It is also possible that your instructor specifies the required approach in the assignment instructions. These strategies are as follows:


It is probably the easiest type of critical essay; in this type you need to explain whether you like or dislike the movie or book and also provide reasons for feeling so. You cannot simply state that you disliked it but provide reasonable points using formal literary methods and compare with other similar works.


It is quite similar to rhetorical analysis essay where you are required to assess what makes the book or movie entertaining and outstanding in its genre. For this essay, you are usually required to select one or two literary methods/devices and discuss their role in the book or movie.


In this type of critical essay, you are required to do dissect the work to assess and express the actual idea behind the work. You can use strategies like psychoanalysis, historical impact or economic theories to make a logical assessment. Through this approach, you can easily explain the reader what the author wanted to propagate through the work.

Do Select the Perfect Primary Source:

It is not necessary that the instructor lets you choose a literary work to evaluate but even if you are lucky enough to get this opportunity then choose wisely. Select a work that you already know well about or have read at least once or twice. If you select the perfect work, your critical essay will be completed smoothly.

Do Write Notes:

After selecting the work, you have got to check it out; if it’s a book you must read it and if it is a movie then watch it. While doing so, write the important points that you find interesting and the aspects you disliked.

Don’t Craft a Mundane Thesis:

In the introductory paragraph of your essay, you are expected to write the thesis and clearly lay out the direction of your essay. Typically, thesis statement should provide answer to the main question: So what? And besides stating this, you need to explain how and why you came to this conclusion.

Don’t use Unauthentic Sources:

You can always consult works written by professional critics to get inspiration but in this regard, be careful while choosing the sources otherwise your essay will be affected.

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