Research article

Research articles tend to be challenging to write. They are critical in the purpose they are meant to serve. Research articles can either include the research done by an expert in a particular area or it may as well be a review article discussing the researches already done in that particular area. In both cases, the prerequisite is to be well informed about the topic in question. Research article is also mostly peer-reviewed which makes it all the more reliable. A research article is shorter in comparison with the research paper/thesis. It starts off with an abstract which is just a summary of what you should expect in the later parts of the article. This helps you figure out if the article is relevant to the researches you are looking for in case of a review article..
The format and tone used in a research article is most emphasized upon after the content. It might hold no importance and gain no appreciation if it’s not able to grasp the attention of the reader.
The format followed by a research article can vary according to the journal they have to be published in but generally, following the abstract is the introduction of the topic which describes the research. The experiments, analysis and methodology are discussed next which then makes it possible to introduce conclusions made from the experiments or discussion in general.
Authors of research articles who base their researches on original experiments also include references to previous literature to confirm that their conclusions and experiments have not been done in the past and are not redundant or repetitive in any way
Including references is an important part of a research article and is the most helpful for other researchers or students seeking to write their own research papers on a similar topic.

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