2nd – Personal Business Plan


  1. Vision and Opportunity
  • What are your goals (career and/or educational) after you leave your university?

After leaving University I want to be marketing manager and I would join an advertising and marketing firm.


  • What are your purpose, your values, and your mission? List the 3 key questions that guide your choices. These should be essential questions that serve as touchstones to direct your life and work. For instance, how can I have an impact? What do I love? What do I fear? What engages my passions? How do I want to be remembered? The answers to these questions may well change over time, but when the questions themselves are fundamental they tend to last a lifetime.



To serve humanity




Creative, Social, Interactive, Deep-thinker, Honest




Spreading colours of Happiness


I want to work for the people in masses not local but internationally as well . I want to serve humanity and want to be remembered as humanity lover.



  • What are the market and opportunity that align with your goals? Don’t restrict yourself to matters of career or work; think more broadly about your opportunities to make a difference.

Career development program index of learning style shows that I am creative person as I can design and colour with different adds as well as I can write poems and stories for useful and effective work. The particular product and advertising strategy through story bonding for development presents accuracy in business development.


Learning Style Index:



  • It indicates I am artistic in nature and I can do creative work in an effective manner. I can write poems and stories and can make certain designs and colour pallets which make my working useful and effective. I have the ability to make graphical designing and art work in computer which can help be in marketing .I want to advertise different social campaigns for benefit of humanity like free education for poor children of rural areas, avoid childhood labor, the graduate students should serve 1 year in rural areas and afterwards they would get graduation degree.

SWOT Analysis:


My strength is my confidence, my positivity, my honest and truth for people working around.


I trust on others which at times gave me bad consequences.


I can work both as social worker and advertiser



I need to get funds to launch my social campaign as it help me in serving people but for taking a stand I need to seek investors which provides me at-least cover my basic expenses.



Marketing and Implementation Strategy:

  • Create your market positioning statement. This may be directed at a hypothetical employer, industry, organization, or the world at large.

To divert attendance of target audience towards humanity as everyone focus is to earn and live for himself. But I want others to help humanity and feel grief and sorrow of needy and poor. Our society got educated and it became positive than my social cause would be effective as number of crimes would be lessened through it .



  • What compelling value will you offer to your employers and society?

I will try to enlighten hearts of people through my advertisement and make them think positive for humanity. I will hire that employee whose aim is to serve not to earn. The campaign which I launch for students would be effective if shared with masses. It only lies in illuminating mind of people through positivity and give them direction.


  • How will you differentiate from other UAE students? How about from the broader populace?

As my focus is Humanity so its differentiation lies in it I will try to learn different cultures and religious practices as I want to launch my different campaign through it.


  1. Risks and Mitigation
  • What are the key milestones and checkpoints in your plan?

If my social circle is expanding so I will think that I am working with positivity, honesty and my strategies are effective and efficient.


  • How will you measure/determine if you have successfully attained these milestones? How do you define success?

I want to be renowned as a social worker and if people are helping me in my social cause and encouraging me then it would be my career success.


  • What external factors might affect your attaining success? (Positively or adversely)

I have very supportive friends and have professional relationship so I will have a good name of social workers which would help me in attainment of my professional career.



  • Develop contingency and risk mitigation strategies.

As I am working for social cause so there would be no risk associated in it. But I  need  to make strong political or government support which would help me to work for my people.


  • Entrepreneurship is not all about personal financial gain. It concerns crafting a lifelong plan to make a positive impact on society. Character does matter. Failure is OK; unethical behavior is not. True wealth requires the creation of enduring value, which requires integrity and ethics.

Basic core value honesty would be considered as a matter of character similarly I will not let anyone feel down or lower over getting free education or stuff like that.


  • How do you plan to practice ethical principles in your daily actions?

I try to help and solve problems of others, I try to make strong bonding with my people, I try to make good relation with people all around.



  • If you could assemble any three people to advise and mentor you, who would they be? They may be alive or dead, family or world leaders, friends or strangers. Why would you choose each? Is it their wisdom, their accomplishments, their words, their creativity, their character, their heroic deeds………..?
  • Mother Terressa who worked for humanity and specially AIDS victims in South African and Indian Region.
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi who worked for Orphans, needy, old, deceased.
  • Imran Khan for opening free of Cost Cancer hospital for poor and needy.



  • Similar to popular “six-word memoir” exercise, please summarize your PBP in 6 words (e.g., “humanist engineer, global citizen, caring teacher”).


Social Worker

Humanity Lover

Problem Solver












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