Personal Business Plan -Market Positioning Statement:

Personal Business Plan

Personal business plan refers to the plan of career and education for the individual and it concentrate on personal and professional goals (Julia H, 2014).

  1. Vision and Opportunity:


The main aims and goals of my professional and academic activities after completing my graduation involve;

  • To achieve Master degree with professional specialization.
  • To start my own small sized business.
  • To search a well known business company so that to accomplish my internship activity that will make me familiar with the professional business world.


The main purpose and agenda of my business plan is to adopt professional strategy of achieving higher education and to attain the goal of becoming business manager in a multinational corporation either in UAE or in any foreign country.


The basis guiding rules and values of my personality include honesty, sincerity, hard work, ethics and integrity that set my personal and professional standards.

  • The things that engage me include the tasks according to my taste like financial and investigative tasks.
  • Fear of unknown often impacts my expertise.
  • I prefer the flexibility in work that makes me different from other people and it is the prominent feature of my personality.

Market and Opportunities:

As I mentioned above flexibility is the prominent feature of my personality and I can work in any market at local or international level but I prefer to work in financial markets. The main opportunities for me in the external environment include;

  • To start my own small business where I will be responsible for all gain or loss.
  • To get enrolled in foreign university for higher qualification and professional specialization.
  • To identify a corporation where I can complete my internship after my graduation that will add value to my CV when I will consider for working in a multinational company.
  1. Marketing and Implementation Strategy

Market Positioning Statement:

“For the multinational corporation that desire to have efficient, effective and innovative manager for financial management posts, I am the best choice for them as I can deliver demanded performance with the goal of making differentiated professional position in the industry”.

Compelling Value:

The compelling value for the employer as well as for the society includes problem solving attitude with creative mind and inspiration to be a useful part of the society. These values are highly useful for professional goals achievement and it make me a beneficial citizen of the society as it will provide solution to their problem; add revenues to the national income by taxes, do not prove burden on the society etc

Differentiating aspects:

I am distinctive from other students in the UAE and other individuals on broader aspects because of different characteristics of my personality like innovative and creative mind who always think out of the box, evaluative and inspective nature makes me suitable for financial department; leadership skills enhance my managerial suitability and efficient problem skills.

  1. Risk and Mitigation

Key Milestones and checkpoints of Plan:

The main milestones and checkpoint of the professional plan involve;

  • To arrange finance for starting my own small business soon after completing my graduation.
  • To involve in SWOT analysis so that to identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats at every step of my plan.
  • To search best option for continuing my professional education for the Master degree.
  • To identify as I achieve my professional goals through internship by working in a well reputed company.


Success is elaborated as the reality of attainment of the planned goals in the form of wealth, fame, position in society etc (Merrium W, 2015). According to me success is the procedure of achieving my personal, academic and professional goals and to get employment as a multinational corporation as a financial manager. The attainment of this milestone will make me to move ahead towards my success spot step by step and make me familiar with the professional business world. The achievement will lead me to get position as financial manager or to start my own small business.

External factors:

There are some external aspects that can impact negatively or positively the attainment of my objectives like;

  • Financial issues for starting a new business may impact negatively.
  • Need of flexible knowledge for handling different departments of the new business may impact negatively.
  • High rivalry in the markets for the financial services may impact negatively.
  • The role of government is the favorable aspect of the external environment as government encourages the small businesses.

Risk Mitigation Strategies:

The risk mitigation policies I designed include;

  • To consider foreign as well as domestic companies for my internship for 3 or 6 months so that to prepare myself for professional business and financial world.
  • To get enrolled in the professional knowledge courses as accounting courses, computerized professional management, handling of professional financial software etc.
  • To consider the option of working in the multinational company as business manager.
  • To concentrate of identifying major opportunities by handling well the fear of unknown and to get benefit of the strengths in the absence of my weaknesses. These checkpoints will elaborate as how efficiently I handle my threats and weaknesses and get benefit of the opportunities and strengths.

Ethical Actions:

I prepare a list of the most preferred ethical values and actions for like integrity, honesty, and respect for my own self and for others, balance among personal and professional life, avoid fake and cheating acts etc and then just follow it in all spheres of my life. I always make judgment of right and wrong before starting anything.

Influential People:

The three people I select as mentor included;

  • My parents as they have high life experience and they can advise me by viewing the right and wrong for me.
  • One of my cousins who is a financial manager in a foreign multinational company as he can provide me general and broader view of the financial markets.
  • Albert Einstein as his life is a continuous struggle and his intelligence inspire me. I can get lesson from his personal, academic and professional life.

PBP in six words:

It is elaborated in these key words “Financial, beneficial, flexible and self-sufficient manager”