Café Downtown, UAE, Personal Business Plan

Table of Contents
Introduction. 3
  1. Vision and Opportunity. 3
1.2 My Goals. 3
1.2 Values. 4
1.3 Mission. 4
1.4 3 key Questions. 4
1.5 Market and Opportunity. 4
  1. Marketing and Implementation Strategy. 5
2.1 Positioning statement 5
2.2 Convincing Values. 5
2.3 Differentiation from other UAE students. 5
  1. Risk and Mitigation. 5
3.1 Risk Mitigation Strategy. 5
3.2 Ethical plan and Principles. 5
3.3 Mentors. 5
3.4 Memoir 6
References. 6
Appendices. 6
After my graduation, I will start a business of my own which reflect my passion i.e. I love baking. My business is all about opening a café in UAE, where I could sell baked items along with coffee and tea. I want to be successful as an entrepreneur and want to be women of inspiration for all the young women in UAE.
1. Vision and Opportunity
‘To succeed as a young female entrepreneur, reflecting my passion in the national and international restaurant sector”.
1.2 My Goals
  1. After graduating, I am planning to open a small café.
  2. To provide delicious cakes, muffins, cookies, pastries, donuts along with hot and cold coffee and tea.
  3. Delivering home baked cakes on doorsteps of customers
  4. To be successful financially and socially.
  5. Conduct my business in ethical and socially responsible manner
1.2 Values
Quality in every-thing (From product to process)
Working with professional honesty and integrity
Workplace ethics
Fair policies for the employees and customer
1.3 Mission
“To be recognized as the top café of UAE which provide home baked products and also delivers it to customer’s doorsteps”.
1.4 3 key Questions
  1. At what thing I am good at? Baking or restaurant management?
  2. About what I am passionate?
  3. How can I create a difference through my business in the society? And business world?
1.5 Market and Opportunity
In UAE, the culture of café is booming and so is the demand for the products like coffee and baked items. In UAE, there are approximately 2,200 café’s and there is likelihood of opening more coffee shops and cafés (Khaishgi, 2016). However, there is no such café that provides high quality home baked products that are also delivered to the doorstep. I love baking and fervent to transform this passion of making in high earning business. I will provide baked products with coffee and tea, as well as facility of book reading, Wi-Fi and media to the customers. I am also intended to deliver the baked products to the home. This is a robust opportunity for me as the demand of café culture is on the rise in UAE.
2. Marketing and Implementation Strategy
2.1 Positioning statement
Delicious and high quality baked products and roasted coffee, with home delivery services for the young people tourists exploring UAE who are looking for a comfortable place to chit chat or spend some quality time.
2.2 Convincing Values
An innovative, quality focused café promoting the culture of café in UAE and being a socially responsible citizen.
2.3 Differentiation from other UAE students
I am passionate for baking and want to transform my passion into reality. I want to practice my love for baking every day, delivering high quality and fine ingredient baked products to the people. I am visionary and don’t believe in impossibility.
3. Risk and Mitigation
3.1 Risk Mitigation Strategy
There are many risks involved in the implementation of my business idea. Following are the risk mitigation strategies of my own:
  • Consulting the entrepreneurs in the business of café and hospitality and learning from their experience
  • Market interviews to know the choices of consumers which are dynamic
  • Contingency plan: establish home based business of delivering baked products to home in case of insufficient financial investment.
3.2 Ethical plan and Principles
  • I am committed to provide high quality and fine products
  • I never compromise on quality and taste
  • I am concerned about fair policies that I’ll implement at my workplace
  • I will commit to the ethical and professional loyalty and integrity
  • I will keep the pricing policies clear and fair
3.3 Mentors
  1. Badour Al Qubais
She is a total inspiration for me. She is a married woman managing a café selling sweets and ice cream in a different manner. She is mother of three children  and manages café successfully.
  1. My cousin
My cousin started a home based business of candy making. She is successfully managing the business by making and delivering candies to homes.
  1. My Mother
She is a big support for me. My mother taught me to bake and she aspire me to implement the passion of baking in business. She is biggest motivator for me to start this business (Sahoo, 2015). She has worked in a restaurant too and is an excellent mentor of mine.
3.4 Memoir
“Enthusiast, Love to bake, socially responsible”
Sahoo, S. (2015). Female Emirati entrepreneurs taste success | The National. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Nov. 2016].
Khaishgi, A. (2016). As UAE cafe culture booms, so does thirst for traditional beverages | The National. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Nov. 2016].
  1. Brainstorming
1. Market data I went through some market research data like interviews, business cases of the entrepreneurs of UAE. Customer’s views and cafés in UAE.
2. Points of risks and failures What if I fail to find a suitable place for my café? What if I fail to manage the business? What if I lack financial and human resources? What if people do not like my ideas? What if I fail to make sufficient PR?
3. Incentives and Motivation To minimize the failures and risks, what incentives and motivation I can offer to my customers? Business partners?
4. Feature of my business in a word Delicious and quality products
5. What is my target Market? Teenage, tourists an young people of UAE
6.Business capital Where can I find the financial resources, business partner or investors who are willing to stat business by making financial investment?
7. References What are my possible references that will act as guideline for me and facilitate me in establishing the business? My elder sister, Mother and other successful young entrepreneurs in UAE.
  1. SWOT Analysis
1. Strengths Love my job Resilient Zealous Never ending compromise on my personal values and moral principles2. Weaknesses Lack of awareness in managing the business Lack of experience in managing business
3. Opportunities My skills and passion to bake Increasing café culture in UAE Large number of tourists visiting UAE4. Threats Competition in cafés of UAE Increase in prices (inflation)
  1. Milestones
1. Look for investment
2. Making referrals
3. Developing financial and human capital
4. Allocation of financial resources
5. Looking for a team to manage my business
6. To start business in period of 1 year after graduation
7. To be the recognizable brand of café in UAE
  1. Marketing Mix of Café
Product Home baked products High quality Cakes, muffins, donuts, cookies and pastries Coffee and teaPrice Affordable prices Highly economical
Place A café in urban area of UAEPromotion Use of print media, radio and social media for the advertisement in the start of business
  1. Passion Matrix
“As I am intended to develop a product as well as providing services of Café, so I am highly passionate and highly confidence”