E-Marketing Strategy for High TechMovers LLC

E-Marketing Strategy for High TechMovers LLC

In this assignment, the E-marketing strategic plan for High TechMovers has been suggested. In today’s competitive business world, promotion of brand via online marketing and presence is extremely important. Many multinational firms and even small medium enterprises are transferring their businesses from traditional brick and mortar to online business to reap the benefits of less costs, increased customers, market share, profits and sales. Although, there are no complicated requirements and regulation in making an online presence, however, there are many challenging techniques available for e-marketing. High TechMovers is a company that deals in providing services related to moving assistance to clients. The aim of e-marketing plan of High TechMovers is that customers that needs to find any professional company that can load or unload its belongings at a very cheap competitive rate should contact High TechMovers only. High TechMovers needs to adopt only those strategies of online marketing that seems to be fit with its business model and of course those that can reap maximum benefits for the company with minimum possible cost.

Company Overview

High TechMovers started its operations in 2011 as a family owned business that deals in providing simple, fast and safe moving solutions to clients’ needs. The company is mastered is moving facilitation art by providing different services such as loading and unloading of clients goods, rental moving crates, moving containers, moving trucks, moving pods and self-storage units. The services offered by High TechMovers are not for the residential moves clients but it also provide its services in corporate world as well with its internal labor for moving (High TechMovers LLC, 2016).

Vision and Mission

High TechMovers got an inspiration to start a new business of moving labor solutions because of the horrid stories of its local competitors badly emptying the community pockets in order to make huge money with their poor moving help. High TechMovers is different from its other competitors as it has a focus on quality of excellent services provision rather than money creation. Its aim is to provide excellent quality moving aid to people particularly 3-4 clients per month at a market competitive rate. The business goals of High TechMovers are to provide excellent moving services to customers on continuous basis, with industrious work attitude and ethics, achieving vigilant transfer of possessions, punctual timings, and profound behavior and to work at market competitive pricing (High TechMovers LLC, 2016).

Service Portfolio

Below mentioned are the complete services provided by High TechMovers (High TechMovers LLC, 2016):

1.      Labor ServiceHigh TechMovers provide the services of professional labor movers to unload and load moving pods, self-transports and rental trucks. The wages are dependent upon the number of professional movers required by the client.
2.      Residential Moving ServicesHigh TechMovers provides the facility of professional labor movers, rental transports for loading and unloading of clients’ goods. The charges are dependent upon the size of the house or apartment.
3.      Commercial Moving ServicesHigh TechMovers provide corporate clients with the services of professional educated moving labor for loading and unloading goods in rental trucks or other transports
4.      Piano Moving ServiceHigh TechMovers also assist in moving personal belongings of clients such as Piano. However, clients are responsible for the packaging of their pianos, while company simply assists them in moving it safely and fastly.
5.      Cleaning ServicesIt provides the services of professional cleaners for cleaning the dwellings of clients as well.
6.      Wall PatchingIt also offers the service of patching nail holes on the walls of dwellings of clients.
7.      Driving ServiceIt also provide assistance to clients in driving goods moving trucks. The charges are dependent upon the distance or mileage of transfer of the belongings.

E-Marketing Program of High TechMovers

Today’s corporations are working in a digital age where effective E-marketing programs and strategy have become a necessary component of every business to increase the number of customers. Every organization has to be visible online via search engines, apps, websites and social media to develop the best brand experience of clients. However, making an online presence is extremely complicated and competitive. High TechMovers needs to develop smart E-marketing strategies out of various techniques available in order to be effective. Below mentioned are some of the highest well performing online marketing strategies that may bring more clients by connecting with returning or new customers in a modern digital way:

1.     Website Design

High TechMovers should develop or design a website that is highly professional and equipped with easy navigation flow. The appeal of website is important, however the website should be good in terms of its functionality. The website should be designed in a way so that it may be supported by all web browsers and smartphones. It can also improve its search rankings by working on keywords (Jayson, 2013).

2.     Blog

It has been revealed from the statistics that 55% more customers are expected on those companies that have their own blogs as compared to those who don’t blog. Hence, it has been recommended for High TechMovers to include the feature of blog on its corporate website in order to provide more relevant and useful information to customers. The bogs should be designed in such a way to ensure the interaction of customers by features of commenting, sharing etc. (Jayson, 2013)

3.     Search Engine Optimization

Clients work on search engines to find different solutions that meet their needs. In order to be found and achieve high rankings of its website, social media and blogs on search engines, High TechMovers needs to adopt the techniques of search engine optimization. The focus of company website, blogs and social media should be made on keywords optimization that people can particularly search in the moving business industry (Jayson, 2013).

4.     Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective and good technique to stay connected with customers as people cannot always remember websites. The focus of High TechMovers via its email marketing is to provide useful and meaningful information to people on regular, weekly or monthly basis such as discounts, new service launched etc. in order to retain the old customers and attract the potential ones. The email template should be customized in accordance with the website.

5.     Social Media Presence

Different social media platforms such as Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are not only for individuals rather it can be a useful marketing source for business as well. Due to the viral nature of social media networks, High TechMovers can reach high numbers of people with extremely less cost. It can also be a great source for developing the brand name of company by developing a social media page that provides useful information on the service portfolio of company and interacts with people via status updates, media postings etc. (Jayson, 2013)

6.     Analytics

Measuring the trends and outcomes of websites, email campaigns, blogs, social media reach and rankings on search engine can play an extremely important role in an E-marketing program. Some of these metrics includes (Jayson, 2013):

  • Blogs: Visitors, subscribers, clicks, comments and shares on social media
  • Website: Average time of website, page views, number of pages visited, site visitors, bounce rates etc.
  • SEO: No. of keywords helping in generating traffic, page ranking etc.
  • Social Media: Number of followers, number of likes, comments, shares etc.

7.   Video Marketing

Providing meaningful information to people regarding the business and services through an interactive way of videos is also a great e-marketing strategy for High TechMovers. The company can make its account on YouTube as well to promote its brand. High TechMovers need to posts simple interactive videos regarding its safe and fast moving aids and services to attract more customers (Lewis, 2013).

8.   LinkedIn Presence

High TechMovers needs to make its account on LinkedIn as well as it is a great source of professional networks and corporations. It can share useful information and videos regarding its offerings on LinkedIn. Millions of corporations use LinkedIn to connect with other companies and potential pool of talent (Lewis, 2013).

9.   Celebrity Endorsement

Efficient companies increase the number of its potential clients by getting endorsed with some local or global celebrity. High TechMovers can appoint a local or international celebrity for endorsement of its brand. Although it can be costly but it can be effective in producing results and more customers online. People tend to associate themselves with celebrities and desires to follow the lifestyle of celebrities. So, getting endorsed by a celebrity can be a great sources to increase customers of moving help (Lewis, 2013).

10.               Contests & Giveaways

One of the best technique of an online marketing is discount coupons, free products or service winnings etc. Customers always love giveaways and contests. It encourages them to use any service or purchase any products in order to get something in exchange for free. High TechMovers can also offer giveaways and arrange contests to attract potential customers and retain existing ones (Lewis, 2013).

Benefits of an E-Marketing Program

High TechMovers can achieve the following benefits by creating an effective e-marketing program or strategies (Jayson, 2016):

  • Brand awareness and brand recognition
  • Increased number of potential and existing customers online
  • Increased sales trends of services of High TechMovers
  • Powerful value proposition of brand online
  • Achieving strategic direction on long term basis for using digital medium to support organizational growth
  • Increased online market share
  • Less cost of administration and other overhead expenses
  • More proactive medium to integrate with customers
  • Benefits of double presence: physical existence and online existence that results in increases market share


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