Personal Business Plan


Personal business plan revolves around the goals, mission and minestrones to be achieved in the future by designing specific pathway or strategy (John M, 2016). It guides me the way to plan my future.

1.     Vision and Opportunity:


The major goals of my career or education after completing my graduation from the university include;

  • To get admission in foreign university for higher education so that to equip myself with advanced education.
  • To do specialization in specific area of management.
  • Soon after completing my career I desire to do part time job so that to meet my educational expenses as this will make financially independent. It will also add value to my professional experience that will be helpful in my professional career.


The major purpose is to set my life goals, to be self sufficient, to get place in the upper cream of the society and to act as a useful part of the society after completing my education and then to start my professional my life.


I love to follow the principles of ethics, morality, loyalty, integrity and honesty and these are my guiding principles in personal and professional life.

  • Motivation engages my passion as I love to do challenging tasks.
  • Fear of failure sometimes influences my abilities and capabilities.
  • The strategy I adopt to be remembered is the differentiation strategy as I make everything in best and different manner.

Market and Opportunities:

I believe on flexibility of professional work so the market that is suitable for me is the business market of national and international level where I can work in any department. The major opportunities I identified on the basis of my goals are;

  • To move to foreign university for my higher education so that to make myself suitable for the advanced business world.
  • To identify golden opportunity of part time job to make myself independent on early age of life and to find employment in marketing, human resource or sales department.
  • To find career paths in well known and reputed company on the basis of my high qualification and job experience (part time job experience).

2.     Marketing and Implementation Strategy:

Market Positioning Statement:

“For the employers at national or international markets in business industries who are looking for the efficient, problem solving and highly motivated manager to work in different departments, I am the best option who can deliver the desired attributes with the high level of flexibility and innovation in achieving the organizational goals”.

Compelling Value:

The compelling value I can deliver to employer and society is the high level of flexibility with the combination of innovation in attaining the company’s goals and objectives. It is appealing for the employer as it will enhance the performance of the company and society will get innovative and creative solutions of their problem.

Differentiating edge:

I am different from other students and people on the basis of my personality features such as quick and right decision making, judgmental and inspection skills, high level of flexibility, excellent management and problem solving skills. These skills and abilities make me different from others and on the basis of these skills I find myself perfect for the professional life.

3.     Risk and Mitigation:

Key Milestones and checkpoints of Plan:

The major milestones of my business plan include;

  • To search a perfect foreign university where I can accomplish my higher education efficiently.
  • To make planning of specialization so that to adopt perfect specialization area according to the market demand, my personality and my future career goals.
  • To search part time job in well reputed company.
  • To focus on altering my weak points into my strengths and to take advantage of the opportunities by controlling my fear and threat.


Success is defined as the completion or accomplishment of the goals, aims and objectives. For me it is a continuous process of achieving the goals and it cannot be stopped. After the accomplishment of these goals, my success journey will be continuing and this will make me to achieve my dream of working in the well reputed multinational company. The achievements of the three milestones I have elaborated are my success measures. I divided my success journey into three categories as achieving higher education, doing my specialization and finding my part time job, but all these goals and milestones are moving towards one goal that is to make myself perfect for the professional business world and to get reputable position in a multinational company.

External factors:

There are few external factors that may influence the achievement of my goals such as;

  • Financial obstacles can adversely influence my goal of higher education and specialization.
  • High competition for finding part time job is also another external factor that can unfavorably influence my plan.
  • Political support and government encouragement of the students is a positive and encouraging factor.

Risk Mitigation Strategies:

The risk mitigation strategies for handling the external adverse factors include;

  • I will take admission into several professional courses as language course, advance computer course, professional time management and accounting course etc so that to make myself differentiated than other candidates.
  • To meet my financial expenses I can take help from the government as government is highly supportive in this manner.
  • To focus on alternative strategy of SWOT analysis of my personality so that to make best use of my strengths by managing weaknesses and to get benefit of opportunities by controlling threats.
  • Another alternative is to start my own business soon after completing my education.

Ethical Actions:

The ethical actions I prefer include integrity, self respect, respect of others, honesty, avoid cheating and threatening others, loyalty to work and sincerity towards my employer. I adopt such moral and ethical rules in daily routine of my life from now so that these can be a part of my habit in few years.

Influential People:

The three people I will choose as mentor are;

  • My parents: As they are well familiar with my personality and has more life experience than me.
  • One of my relative who is a scientist. The reason is that he is a self made person who can guide me as how to achieve success without depending on other people.
  • Nelson Mandela is also among most influential people and his life is full of struggles and achievements that can guide me as how to achieve goals of life as a leader and how to guide the followers.

PBP in six words:

It is described in these key words “Professional, useful, innovative and qualified manager”