Editing & proof reading

Proofreading a Manuscript beside Laptop

Often at times, you write an essay or an article but you’re not completely sure if it’s sounding right. You want someone to proofread it for you and look out for any mistakes you might have made. It’s indeed best to be vigilant while writing only; however, you’re still liable to make mistakes unintentionally. Experienced writers at SparklesSoft put their proofreading and editing skills to use in order to polish your writing. Write ups may have grammatical errors, incorrect structure/format, spelling mistakes, or just a typographical error. Editing might seem a bit boring after you’ve written the entire piece with utmost interest, and a second opinion on it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In order to ensure an efficient and effective proof reading process, the writing is read thoroughly once or twice. This is important because it gives our writers an idea of the topic, and the format it requires. A repeated reading also ensures any mistakes left out on the first attempt. Finally, in order to maintain the quality of our proofreading and editing task, the writers are encouraged to use dictionaries, spell checkers and thesaurus. Editing and proof reading never goes to waste. You might think there’s nothing wrong with your writing while in fact, you’re oblivious to some very critical mistakes. Editing and proofreading of essays, interviews, summaries, reviews, articles, stories/literature, autobiographical speech and reports are all offered at SparklesSoft.