Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Vision and Opportunity
What are your goals (career and/or educational) after you leave your university?
My goal after leaving University is to get a good job as I had done Administration degree and my specialization is Human resource Management so I want to pursue my career in this field.

What are your purpose, your values, and your mission? List the 3 key questions that guide your choices. These should be essential questions that serve as touchstones to direct your life and work. For instance, how can I have an impact? What do I love? What do I fear? What engages my passions? How do I want to be remembered? The answers to these questions may well change over time, but when the questions themselves are fundamental they tend to last a lifetime.


To become Director Human Resource Management

Values :

My basic values are optimism, courage, respect, creativity and risk taker.


Developing Enlightened Leadership

SWOT Analysis :


I am an innovative, Social , out spoken and artistic person and
I have the ability to solve problems .
As I am an extrovert person so I make decisions on time.


Get panic as I am sensitive person and love to work in friendly environment.
I cannot work in stress
I am very straightforward


As I am a creative person so I might be into Staff development and can take trainings to develop my staff on basis of International Human Resource Standards.


As now market is skill based as more professional people in market so I have to learn more and get the highest education in order to gain competitive edge.

What are the market and opportunity that align with your goals? Don’t restrict yourself to matters of career or work; think more broadly about your opportunities to make a difference.

As now a days organizations are working on staff training and development as they are the asset of organization so I need to make such strategies that motivate my staff . But if I cannot get a chance than I would enter in field of Administration I will make strategies for my company and will create a competitive advantage over it.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy
Create your market positioning statement. This may be directed at a hypothetical employer, industry, organization, or the world at large.

In- order to get social exposure I need to attend workshops I need to make my profile on Linked INN and other social networks. I need to work on research papers, articles to refine my skills and make them suitable for people. I need to make professional Relationships with people working in market.

What compelling value will you offer to your employers and society?

I will offer medical and child benefits to my employees. I will give loans to employees who worked more than five years in my Organization. I will make easy instalment houses for my needy employees so that they have their own homes in future. If an employee dies I will take responsibility of whole family in terms of education and medical facilities. I will give flexible working hours to mothers who have new born infants till they are going to school. I will give paid maternity and paternity leave to people.

How will you differentiate from other UAE students? How about from the broader populace?

I will focus on employee skills and personality irrespective of ethnicity and culture background. I will try to learn grip in different languages like French, English and German. I will do International Courses for development of my personality and skills so that I am able to sustain well in market.

Risks and Mitigation
What are the key milestones and checkpoints in your plan?
My Specialization would be Human Resource Management so first I will start my career as HR assistant then HR administrator afterwards HR manager . If my career path keeps on going up then I would consider myself as an effective HR person.

How will you measure/determine if you have successfully attained these milestones? How do you define success?

The CEO of other companies start chasing me in bases of my skills and gave me chances to utilize my skills and give my personal advice than I would achieve the good market reputation. For me success lies in having good personal relationship with people in terms of Organization and Family. Money is not everything the ones who kept on chasing money will die for it one day.

What external factors might affect your attaining success? (Positively or adversely)
I have a very supportive family so I do-not have any external fear or hurdle in my career path.

Develop contingency and risk mitigation strategies.

As I am a visionary person so I will take calculated risk I will take moderate steps to pursue my career . So risk limitation would be perfect word for it.

Entrepreneurship is not all about personal financial gain. It concerns crafting a lifelong plan to make a positive impact on society. Character does matter. Failure is OK; unethical behavior is not. True wealth requires the creation of enduring value, which requires integrity and ethics.

I will create a professional environment and there would be no objection over religious and ethical values. As mentioned Earlier I will work on career path and will try to benefit employees in terms on intrinsic and Extrinsic Awards.

How do you plan to practice ethical principles in your daily actions?
As I follow the statement
“ Just be yourself leave the rest if you think you are true and you are working with honesty you will get reward one day” I have friends and I try to discuss their and mine problems with them .I always see the positive side of life I take risk and try to help others and always be happy in terms of way I am.

If you could assemble any three people to advise and mentor you, who would they be? They may be alive or dead, family or world leaders, friends or strangers. Why would you choose each? Is it their wisdom, their accomplishments, their words, their creativity, their character, their heroic deeds………..?

First would be my Father as through his experiences , love, care and support I am able to speak and come to this stage .
Second would be Princess Lady Dianna for her work for Humanity as she is alive in our hearts.
Third would be Richard Branson who is CEO of Virgin mobile. He started his career with a small entrepreneurial idea and now he is heading more than 50 companies over this brand.

Similar to popular “six-word memoir” exercise, please summarize your PBP in 6 words (e.g., “humanist engineer, global citizen, caring teacher”).
Ethical leadership

Social Worker

Human Mentor.

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