The key challenges facing foreign countries entering in UAE

Over the last few decades, a number of foreign companies started expanding and entering the UAE marketplace, as soon as these companies have realized the benefits gained from the high-developed infrastructure and the low cost of labor available. (Goby, 2014). However, these companies have faced different difficulties and challenges as they planned entering UAE market.

This research entitled “Key challenges facing foreign companies in entering UAE market”. In this research paper, I’m going to cover some significant aspects related to the main topic such as some reasons for entering UAE market, key challenges in doing a business in UAE, the probability of businesses’ success or failure, and possible solutions to overcome those challenges.

I have chosen this topic as I’m so interested in exploring the fundamental challenges facing foreign companies (established or new) in the UAE marketplace. In addition, I would like to have a better knowledge about how these foreign firms overcome these obstacles.

Research questions:


  1. What encourages a foreign company to enter UAE market?
  2. What are the different challenges facing foreign companies?
  3. How these challenges are managed by foreign firms?
  4. What is the probability of a business succeeding and failing?