Forget about Plagiarism with These Handy Citation Tips

Usually, professors give students assignments in a variety of citation styles. Students are required to have knowledge and proficiency over all citation styles so as to credit the sources used for information gathering appropriately. If you are not able to property credit the source used, as per the norm of academic assignment writing, your paper will be labelled as plagiarized and you can expect grave consequences.

As you already must be aware, there are many styles of citation including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, ACS, IEEE, Vancouver and Oxford citation style. A minor citation mistake on your part can result in rendering your paper as plagiarized work. In this regard, we have some exclusive tips for you to successfully avoid plagiarizing your paper without even becoming an encyclopedia in so many different citation styles.

Firstly, make sure that you have correct information about the required citation style and then only you should start searching online for academic assignments help in research and information gathering. Then follow these tips that are mentioned below:

Narrowing down research scope:

You need to have a clear cut idea about what you need to write. When you have narrowed down the topic or scope of research, you can easily be creative enough and come up with original ideas and thoughts.

Keeping track of used sources:

It is always a good idea to keep track of the sources you have consulted for your research. Keep full URL record of every single page you have used and also don’t forget to check out if there are citations available in your required citation style at the end of article to help you out. If there isn’t, then record all the information that you will need to include in the citation.

Summarizing information:

Taking notes always helps. Summarize relevant information that you find in all the used sources and record your ideas and thoughts on the subject.

Avoiding use of original text:

Never ever express your thoughts in the same terminology and text as you have read in the original source. Express your understanding and findings in your own words.

Marking text fragments:

If you believe that there are certain fragments of text that you might need to cite in your paper then clearly mark them with citation marks. It can be a sentence or a single word, give it its due importance. If you think that you might need to use original source’s fragments then mark them in a unique manner such as making them appear bold. This way, you will understand that you need to cite that fragment.


You can easily avoid plagiarism by analysing the materials that you have found during researching. Take out ideas from the text and identify their modules and effects.

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