The Ethical Aspect of Custom Assignment Writing Services

Academic assignment writing services have taken the internet by storm. Just a quick search on Google will provide you hundreds of academic assignments help options from independent freelance writers to full-fledge dedicated writing companies. With the emergence of PayPal, it has become easier to order papers to online firms in a secure manner. However, there is always controversy surrounding these services since students feel a certain type of guilt while ordering papers as they feel that they are cheating. Furthermore, plagiarism concerns and the ethical aspect associated with hiring academic essay writing services increases their guilt even more.

In fact, academic institutions have developed honor codes that prohibit students from hiring ghost writers or purchasing essays citing that they cannot submit someone else’s work by claiming as their own. It does not matter to universities whether the assignment has been paid for by the student or is not plagiarized at all; all that matters is that it hasn’t been written entirely by the student. From one perspective the argument seems legit and many students avoid hiring custom assignment service even if this means that they would fail. But, is it really worth the risk? No, we don’t think so.

Why do we feel that hiring an essay writing service is any different than hiring ghostwriters, which is a common practice in the professional world where executives are too busy to write expert articles? The fact is that today university and college level education has become so expensive and academically demanding that students don’t have any other option but to pass with good grades. When you are studying at one of the top tier universities such as the Oxford, Yale or Berkley, you just cannot afford to fail. If you do, you will have to repeat the semester or compromise upon your future prospects, which is simply not practical. This is one of the key reasons why students order papers online; when they feel that they cannot meet the deadline or write a well-researched paper, they consult assignment writing service online.

It is a misconception that foreign students need to hire academic writers because they cannot write properly in English. It might be true to some extent but foreign students are not the only ones who struggle with English but native students can also find it hard to effectively write in English. Professional essay writing services online are available for everyone and in our current educational system, every student needs professional help at some point. Regardless how committed or talented you are, it is practically impossible to meet the coursework requirements all the times.

We cannot ignore the fact that modern education system is basically written assignments driven especially for those who pursue liberal arts education. With so many subjects to study at the same time and too many assignments to write with too little time, we can say that custom assignment services offer a reliable and secure way out. Otherwise, students will become stressful and their health will be affected due to the mental burden and physical exhaustion. Instead of feeling frustrated they can turn to essay writing services and get 100% original content, while also learn a great deal about researching and academic writing norms.

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