An analysis of the Impact of Leadership styles on employee commitment in public sector organizations of Pakistan

Employee Commitment:

Employee commitment has been identified in literature as a psychological state which binds someone with any occupation or to a manager or an organization. Other researchers have identified commitment as involvement of employees with the organization under the power of identification (Yukl, 2006). Thus, employee commitment is basically the willingness of employees to work for the achievement of organizational goals. In this way it involves three key areas: employees’ desire to continue with the organization, their acceptance of organizational values and goals, their willingness to exert efforts for the achievement of those goals and values (Starrat, 2001).  The requirement for measuring employee commitment is that is essential to understand the employee performance and ultimately the overall organizational performance.

Leadership styles:

Leadership styles are categorized under personal traits, role relationship, occupation, interaction pattern and sometimes by perception of others. In this regard, there are different styles leaders adopt to influence a group of people in influence their behavior for the achievement of certain goals (Denhardt, 2003). The type of leadership style to be used depends upon numerous factors including: situation where leadership is to be exercised or the type of employees under influence of leadership etc. In this regard, there are three types of leadership styles which are most commonly exercised in organizations. These include: transformational, transactional and laissez-faire leadership style (Hayward et al, 2004).

Objectives of Research:

The current study has been aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • To understand different types of leadership styles used in public sector organizations of Pakistan;
  • To determine the level of employee commitment within the public sector organizations of Pakistan;
  • To evaluate the impact of different leadership styles on employee commitments in different public sector organizations of Pakistan


The current study will be quantitative in nature. It will use already structured questionnaires on leadership styles and employee commitment from already published researches in order to ensure the authenticity of the scales to be used. The collected data will be analyzed using SPSS 18 using different statistical tests.

Research Gap:

There are different researches available on the topic of leadership styles and employee commitment. However, the current study will cover the gap in literature by studying the important relationship of employee commitment and leadership styles in public sector organizations of Pakistan where there is lack of researches and also the employee commitment is perceived weak. Moreover, it will also analyze the impact of different demographics on relationship between organizational commitment and leadership styles.

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